Revo Uninstaller Pro - software for uninstalling programs

Revo Uninstaller Pro is a popular software for uninstalling installed applications on your computer. After launch, you will receive all the necessary tools for a full-scale cleaning of the system, including the ability to remove programs that you no longer need for some reason. Even if the built-in tools fail to uninstall the program, this can be done with Revo Uninstaller Pro, you can download Revo Uninstaller from our project.

The utility has a fairly advanced algorithm of work, you can carry out a complete monitoring of the system until the uninstallation of the program starts directly, all the files associated with the development you need will be found, it is after collecting the information that the work plan will be visible.

I draw your attention to the activation of Revo Uninstaller Pro is required so that there are no restrictions on the number of features and time of use, that is, after you complete the "treatment", you can remove all existing trial restrictions and use the tool for the required amount of time without reminders. By the way, the application can work even with programs that were installed with failures in the system, anyway, they leave tails, which then need to be protected.

Revo Uninstaller Pro free download

Revo Uninstaller Pro is a powerful utility to remove and uninstall programs without any leftovers, traces or tails on your PC.

As you know, many applications during installation create various folders, files and registry entries in different places on the system. The usual removal of the program does not guarantee complete disposal of its remnants, which leads to littering of disks and braking of the operating system. That is why it is recommended to install and remove applications using the so-called uninstallers, one of which is this application.

Revo Uninstaller scans your computer and finds all programs installed on it, along with all related items. Now, if you want to remove an application, you can be sure that all its tails will also be disposed of. If Revo Uninstaller is already on the PC, then the installation of new applications takes place in the so-called tracking mode, which allows you to better control its installation, files, folders created, etc.

In addition to its main task (proper removal of programs), Revo Uninstaller Pro contains a number of useful tools that help optimize computer performance:

• Startup manager - management of programs that automatically start when Windows starts,
• Junk file cleaner - a module for finding and deleting junk and unused files,
• Windows tools - a quick call to standard operating system system utilities,
• browser cleaner - a component for cleaning the history of work in popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome (temporary files, cookies, browsing history, download history, etc. are deleted),
• MS Office cleaner - delete the history of all ever used files in Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint editors.

Revo Uninstaller Pro is a complex that allows you to control the behavior of installed applications from their installation to removal. With its help, you can first install files, quickly receive information about their status, including starting and stopping processes, as well as completely delete information from the hard drive, which can no longer be restored, and delete documents received while visiting Internet pages. The journal is especially helpful, which contains data on all favorite, hidden or long-erased software.